Who Is DSG?

Dealers Services Group is a service oriented company that focuses on providing auto parts
distribution services for select auto dealerships in the southeast. Founded in 1992, Dealers
Services Group, Inc. began by offering sales and marketing of OEM parts from dealerships to
their wholesale customers. Growing sales in OEM parts in outlying areas illustrated the need for
a dependable delivery service to support these sales, and thus began DSG Delivery Services.

Now with DSG in its second generation, the Phillips family has over 45 years combined
experience in automotive parts, sales, logistics, and warehousing industry. Such experience has
given them the knowledge base and skill needed to provide the quality, accuracy and professionalism
that Dealers Services Group brings to the auto dealership parts distribution industry.

With over 25 years in the industry, Dealers Services Group has a strong reputation in the wholesale
community and is fully capable of expanding services to other aspects related to the automotive
industry and logistics. We are here to better your company and ours through growth in size and
services. Through following the high standards we set for ourselves, DSG will get the job done, do it
accurately, and do it professionally.

If you have a need in Sales/Consulting, Warehousing, or delivery/logistic, we can exceed
your needs with the professionalism you deserve and expect. Please feel free to contact
Trey or Barbara to answer any questions you may have.

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